Fortnite Creative Mode Gameplay

Creative mode is a gameplay that allowed players to create whatever they want. This is a mode that many players of both Battle royal and save the world have been asking for about a year now, but since we know exactly why it took so long for the epic game to create it because this is certainly massive.


This is a prominent feature in which stone slab in the center where you spawn and a lot of rocks around it. This is an area where it isn't too exciting, because it has its own interactive menu. The real highlight of this game is getting to visit other players and you see what creation they have. The real advantage is that you can check it in privately since you were given a private access to each players.


Each players will be given four spaces, each space is called "islands". But this island is quite unique to a regular Battle Royale. When you start out, each islands is an open area which is surrounded by mountains with a lot of rooms for you to build in. So you will be given a privilege to build whatever you want until you hit the limit of the memory. Once you want to exit the game it saves your progress and you can come back anytime you want.


This mode is actually the most exciting one, once you have build in your desire, you can then create an entire custom game mode around your map. These game mode can range anywhere since this is isn't limited to the way they think of a Fortnite right now.

Another, you would not be able to share your maps but the good things is you can see their creation. The building itself is handled a little differently compared to other Fortnite modes. This time you have got this special item which looks like a cellphone, which you can use to copy walls, move things, rotate or either delete them.

Somehow this tool is gonna be your friend of creating structures from your desire, you could copy  and then place it all around then repeat. Another one is so called Prefabs, this one is a menu to play. This one is absolutely huge, which contains all kinds of buildings. There is actually a whole range of buildings that you can copy. This includes certain options in every type of objects, which includes refrigerator, book shelves, couches and kitchen sinks. There is also a type of wall that this game offers. Sp from here you can cope these structures and simply add t your islands.