Best Dota2 Teams of All Time

Dota2 has stood among the largest competitive games in the world for many years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Teams who can manage to win competitions achieve a tremendous feat, so it's quite impressive when any unit manages to achieve a ranking on the all-time list.

We have previously addressed important roster changes made to popular Dota 2 teams. If you are not up-to-date, we recommend reading that article first!

Today is about looking at some of those teams who have displayed dominance, so much so that they are ranked among the all-time greats.

The Basis for Ranking

Player strength is an important factor as well, you can read more about our rankings for best players here. The basis for team strength rankingc is quite simple, taking into consideration the combined total of how long each team remained at the number one spot. While you're going to see other metrics including the longest streak at number one and the last time they had the honor, it's the first metric that determines where they fall.

1. Team Secret

Team Secret was very much expected to be here, having held the number one spot for an impressive 472 days at the time of writing. What's more impressive is that the team's longest streak at the top is higher than the combined runs of all other teams on this list, standing at 288 days.

Team Secret’s last number one ranking was in December 2020.


PSG.LGD happens to be the top-ranked team at the time of writing. Its combined rain at the top is a total of 189 days, with a longest streak of 126 days. Of course, considering that the team is clearly in great form now, to say if it can overtake Team Secret during its current run?


The second runner-ups here have an all-time combined number one ranking standing at 142 days, with a longest streak of 91 days. Its latest time at the top came in April 2021.

4. Team Spirit

Team Spirit’s entire time at the top happened during a single reign, meaning its combined time and longest streak in the number one position both stand at 105 days. This ended in February 2022, which happens to be very recent.

5. Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming has 103 days combined at number one with its longest streak being 70 days. It was last at the top in March 2020, which is admittedly quite some time ago.

6. OG

OG stands at number six with 91 days combined at the top, and 89 of these being in succession. November 2019 was the last time this team was at the top, which is the earliest timestamp on this list.

7. Invictus Gaming

Invictus gaming’s combined and longest totals stand at 68 days. The last time this team had the honor of being called number one was in June 2020.

8. TNC Predator

With TNC Predator, its combined and longest streak both stand at 28 days, culminating in December 2019.

9. Team Aster

Team Aster is arguably one of the hungriest teams out there, having had its time to shine so recently. Its 25-day combined total and longest streak came to an end in April 2022.

10. Team Liquid

The final entrant on the list is team liquid having a combined total of 23 days in the top spot, with its longest streak being 21 days. Its last time at the top was in January 2021.

Final Remarks

All the teams here have done a phenomenal job to have been labeled as number one in such a popular and highly contested game. It's going to be interesting to see what this list looks like going forward. If you wish to try your luck in a more competitive setting, Battle-Cup boosting is a good place to start at.

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