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10 Years Of Expertise
The experience that we have gathered over our ten years of operation enhances all aspects of our boost services.
24/7 Availability
Our team of experts remains available. To provide a top-notch experience, we employ the best boosters globally.
Professional Boosters
We hire the top players of each game. We screen all of our employees, to provide professional performance & attitude.
Premium Support
BuyBoosting's help center includes 24/7 live chat support and phone assistance, offering any help related to your order.
Secured Private Data
We use VPN protection to maximize your order's safety and 256 bit SSL encryption to enhance client data security.
Refund Policy
Our refund policy provides flexibility and comfort. You are eligible to receive full or partial refunds based on order progress.
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This form is to contact our professional team, if you require an instant reply or guidance then open our live chat.
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Advantages of WoW boosting
Standing out from the competition when it comes to WoW Boosting

Maximized Safety & Privacy

BuyBoosting's top priority remains account safety. When providing boosting services for WoW, we continue to offer a transparent service minimizing associated risks. To comply with Blizzard's ToS, we focus on self-play services to ensure maximum safety.

Enhanced Self-Play Possibilities

Self-playing can significantly help to minimize WoW boost related risks. We offer our most popular services in self-play methods. If you are planning to participate in the boosting process without sharing your account details, this is the perfect option for you.

Gold Policy

To bring safety to a whole new level, BuyBoosting utilizes Gold Policy. The underlying mechanism of the gold policy is to trade gold to the booster after completing any self-play WoW boost. This measure helps to ensure account safety as it complies with the ToS of Blizzard.

Favorable Pricing & Discounts

One of BuyBoosting's focuses remains on its cost-efficient approach. When it comes to WoW boost services, our team thrives on creating a high level of efficiency to squeeze out the most of the amount you spend on our services. With continuous discounts, we aim to have the lowest WoW boost prices.