Pay with your mobile through Boost Coins!

We are introducing this new virtual currency for the clients who are planning to use our services by paying with their mobile phone. Buying an ELO boost has never been safer and easier. All you have to do, is to use your mobile phone to buy Boost Coins in order to load your coin balance and then use the coins to buy the ELO boost of your dream.
Buy coins
Mobile pay currently works indirectly. As a first step, the buyer is required to purchase Boost Coins, BuyBoosting's virtual currency. This action is necessary because mobile payment works through SMS, which only allows fixed payment values. By purchasing Boost Coins, the buyer can load the desired amount of coins on the BuyBoosting account, which balance can be later used to buy any boost services. It works similarly to purchasing Riot Points in LoL. If you prefer mobile payments over casual payment methods, begin loading your boost coin balance today.
It's Safe!
Easy to Use!
Favorable Exchange!