Loyalty Program

Life-Time 3% Cashback In Coins
50 EUR spent
or 5 orders
Life-Time 5% Cashback In Coins
150 EUR spent
or 10 orders
Life-Time 7% Cashback In Coins
300 EUR spent
or 25 orders
Life-Time 10% Cashback In Coins
1500 EUR spent
or 100 orders
BuyBoosting's loyalty system is here and live, granting benefits to our most loyal buyer-base. Right now, the reward program provides three levels of lifetime cashback percentages. How it works is simple. The system operates automatically, and by paying money through your personal BuyBoosting account, it automatically generates Boost Coins and unlocks loyalty tiers. By purchasing multiple boosts or spending big on a single one can quickly open the tier 3 loyalty level, which offers the highest Boost Coin cashback percentage. But there are more advantages to the Loyalty Program. The BuyBoosting team has made it accessible for its clients to combine casual discount codes with Loyalty tier bonuses to offer significant cost reductions and unbeatable prices in the boosting industry.