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The experience that we have gathered over our ten years of operation enhances all aspects of our boost services.
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Our team of experts remains available. To provide a top-notch experience, we employ the best boosters globally.
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We hire the top players of each game. We screen all of our employees, to provide professional performance & attitude.
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BuyBoosting's help center includes 24/7 live chat support and phone assistance, offering any help related to your order.
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Advantages of Hearthstone boosting
Standing out from the competition when it comes to Hearthstone Boosting

Ultimate Hearthstone Boost Experience

BuyBoosting offers the most professional boosting services for HearthStone. From the customer support management to the expert HS booster team, our company provides the ultimate boosting platform for the game.

Guaranteed Account Safety & Privacy

Your Hearthstone account is in safe hands with us. BuyBoosting employs a highly-trusted and thoroughly selected squad of Hearthstone boosters, who use VPN IP protection as standard to ensure maximum account safety.

Professional Hearthstone Boosters

Our company employs the best performing and highly professional Hearthstone Boosters. By having a deck capable of reaching legend rank, our boosters provide high win-rates while delivering fast results.

Chat With Your Booster

BuyBoosting’s platform makes the boosting process a smooth and pleasant experience. To make communication and order scheduling effortless, BuyBoosting provides a private live chat with the booster on every purchase.

About Hearthstone Boosting

Hearthstone is one of the most significant free-to-play online digital collectible game. Its items and characters are based on the universe of the Warcraft series. This combination from Blizzard proves to be highly successful as the game recently surpassed the player base of 100 million. Its gameplay allows these high number of players to create a fierce competition as they aim to reach the highest ranks of Hearthstone. This is when our company’s service offering comes into the picture. BuyBoosting provides a range of distinct boosting methods for Hearthstone to offer a solution for any player who is looking to reach their preferred individual goals in the game. One of the essential desires of Hearthstone players is reaching the Legend rank. BuyBoosting offers Hearthstone rank-boosting to provide this type of service among a number of other distinct boosting methods.
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The Process of HS Rank Boosting

The most significant boosting service for Hearthstone is rank boosting. Our company offers this type of service, boosting from rank 25 to any rank, including legend. If your goal is the get the legend card back in Hearthstone and show it off in front of everyone, BuyBoosting is the perfect place for you. Our Hearthstone Rank Boosting service is available in all regions, including the servers from Asia, Europe, and America. To get the legend rank and the legend card back in Hearthstone, all you have to do is to select your current rank then put legend as the desired rank before proceeding with the payment. By submitting a Hearthstone Rank Boost order, our professional players begin to boost your Hearthstone account’s rank. The booster provides fast results by having a high win-ratio when playing the required games.
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Additional Hearthstone Boosting Services

Other than offering rank increase service for our clients in the form of Hearthstone rank boosting, BuyBoosting’s Hearthstone boost service list does not stop there. Players can easily navigate and browse among our additional service options for Hearthstone. These services include Hearthstone Arena Boost, which allows our clients to buy a specific number of arena wins. To get the 12 wins key, this is the option to go with. Another additional Hearthstone boost service is HS Heroic Adventures. All you have to do is select the number of wings (adventures), and our professional HS boosters will clear the requested heroic modes for you. At last but not least, our service list for HS includes the Hearthstone Golden Hero boost. This option allows our customers to buy a high number of wins that enables them to get golden heroes for their accounts.
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