Your Keys to Winning in DOTA 2

Since you will be playing with the team in Dota 2, it is essential to practice proper etiquette to lift not just yourself, but your teammates as well. Remember that it is not your winning alone. It is the victory of everyone else in the group. And when the team lose, that means that everyone loose, too! You can’t do it alone in Dota 2. You need your teammates not only to support you, but ensure that you are all having fun and together, all of you will celebrate your winnings.

First, you have to work together to choose your lanes. Communicate properly if who wants to position in the specific area in the map. That gesture alone will uplift the spirit of responsibility of each other. Everyone should agree whenever someone is eager to play mid.

However, many players would also love this position or lane. So, the best way to avoid any conflict is to assess the skillset of each member of the team. Think of the best player who has the ability to play the role not just because he wants to, but because he is suitable to that area. Sometimes, other teams will use the first come, first serve basis. That means that whoever picks the position first will successfully get it.

Great communication will help the entire team do each of their responsibility and share their strategies with the others. Avoid the argument as much as possible because it will surely impact the way you perform. Take note that the other members will support you whenever you are cornered by your enemies. They will feel hesitant to help you if you sound bossy and don’t listen to them.

When things go wrong, don’t blame your teammates. Everybody else commit a mistake including you! So, instead of putting the blame in them, why not think of a better strategy and suggest that to your teammates? Use each other’s strength, combine them, and implement together! That is the spirit of true teamwork. You won’t succeed when only one works while the other wait. Respect their suggesotions by listening to them.

Equip yourself with good values as you are trying to boost your performance in the game. League of Legends has tremendously grown because the community supports it. Every player wants to be included in a group of diverse people where everyone is having a unity and cooperation. So, start the cultivate great values in yourself!