Why Is League of Legends so Toxic

League of Legends came to the attention of players in 2009 and since then has undergone many changes. One of the changes that the game and its players have experienced is an honor system. When launched, the game brought out some trolls and toxic players, and since its development, the League of Legends community created an unspoken system.


The problem that came from League of Legends when it launched was it allowed players to vent their frustrations and show a darker side of themselves. Players who joined leagues on the game became consumed and spending hours that turned to days playing. The game was consuming every aspect of their life. League of Legends was suddenly taking the competitive nature of its players and making them aggressive and violent.


The toxic behavior of aggression and violence was not only being conveyed in the game but also in real life. Players who could not distinguish between reality and game were finding life meaningless and miserable. The higher a league and champion, the more aggressive and more toxic the player became. Suddenly players were finding themselves consumed by achieving milestones and levelling up rather than not. Each mission, each hour spent engaging with fellow toxic players, was only contributing to spreading toxicity.


Balancing the Toxicity of League of Legends


The best way that a League of Legends player can avoid the toxicity of the game is to balance the time they play online with their offline lives. Many players who are consumed by the game find they can play the day away; however, when they can incorporate real-life, people to people interaction, this can help counter the effects of the game.


Gamers can find themselves consumed. It is important that when playing League of Legends, you take a step away and interact with the real world. For the players who are the trolls, it is important to seek the necessary help and guidance. Even though League of Legends is a game with characters and personas – the people controlling them are real people. They feel, and they can be affected by toxic messaging. Whether you are leading a team or a member of a team, be considerate of players around you, and the impact your words and actions have. Being competitive is fine. Letting your aggression out through your characters is fine, but the moment you can’t separate life and fantasy, that is when League of Legends has become toxic.