Why Is Fortnite so Popular

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite by now, you are most likely living on a deserted island somewhere. The online video game is only a couple of years old but has steadily taken over the video game market since its 2017 debut. There are three distinct games modes that are meant to appeal to a wide variety of gamers. If you haven’t tried the game yet, you should! There is a reason why Fortnite is so popular.

Save the World

The first mode in Fortnite is called Save the World. It is a sort of dystopian level that is meant to be played in teams of up to four people. Earth has suddenly been stricken by a devastating storm, and there are only a few people left in the world. You are fighting off zombie monsters while defending items by building forts and other structures. You can win rewards by going on missions all while preparing yourself for the next wave of zombie assault. Collecting resources and supplies is the only way you can survive. It’s pretty intense once you get going.

Battle Royale

The second mode, Battle Royale, is just as it sounds. There can be up to 100 players fighting each other to the death until there is just one standing. The action starts by skydiving onto an island. When you land, it’s a race to snag the best gear, supplies, and provisions to last you through the battle. You can fight by yourself or with a small squad, but you feel the pressure as the map slowly gets smaller and smaller.

Fortnite Creative

Creative is the third mode in Fortnite. This forum is more of a freestyle style of play as you create your own battle areas and worlds. You can share the world with others and make your own rules for what happens there. It’s quite fun to see what you can come up with on your own personal island.

In Creative, you can have multiple islands if you choose. You make edits via a cellphone that your character is given. If you want an unstructured experience, this mode is the one for you.

Fortnite is an extremely popular game for all types of online players. It seems the creators have taken everything into account when making it. It’s a standout star in a sea of average games, and it sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.