Who Is the Best Rainbow Six Operator?

Rainbow Six Siege is a highly intricate shooter multiplayer game with several exciting features that have turned it into one of the current most popular shooter games. You may find indestructible environments, unique designs, and several other great features.

However, the best way to ensure success in this game is to choose the right operator. That's why we created the following list examining the best operator among all of its elite troopers.

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Originally, not many people would choose Lesion as their operator because it would get banned all the time, but now that has changed, and we can start benefiting from its several features. One of them is its invisible needle mines. They charge up and make it stronger as the game advances.

Moreover, its Gu Mines aren't efficient for inflicting damage, but they affect the opponent's speed and prevent them from planting, which could greatly benefit you during the following rounds. In addition, Lesion can throw impact grenades to help you escape if you can't find a way out.


If you want to make sure your reinforced walls stay up for as much time as possible, Mute is the right operator for you. It excels at stopping breaching gadgets and drones, making it impossible for attackers to break into your walls if they don't have a good operator, such as Maverick or Kali.

In addition, Mute features the fantastic SMG-11, M590A1 shotgun, and MPK5. It can also stop drones and shred as many heads as you wish. Mute is one of the most valuable operators you can have in your team.


Aruni is a relatively new operator, but it is also one of the most effective ones for defenders. It features indestructible Suyra gates, and the only way to inflict damage to them is by throwing grenades or drones. However, these gates can also be destroyed if an enemy goes through them, which would make the enemy take a lot of damage and potentially lose the operator altogether.

If the enemy manages to bring the gates down, you must wait 30 seconds before putting them back up. Moreover, Aruni features other gadgets that aren't as interesting as its Suyra gates but can be pretty lethal if you know how to use them properly. Some of these gadgets are the DMR and a bionic arm that can inflict severe damage to anyone who comes close enough to be punched. It can even open holes in walls to help you escape.

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Bottom Line

Rainbow Six has several incredible operators that can be highly useful depending on your gaming style and strategies. However, after playing with most of them, we determined these three operators as our top three for today.

However, we also encourage you to try out other notable operators, such as Jäger, one of the strongest defenders in the game, and Maestro, which is fantastic for holding down sites.

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