Who Is the Best Fortnite Player?

People often talk a lot about Fortnite and its best players, particularly because they’re often very young. This article focuses on the elite gamers – the ones who win tournaments and prizes. Find out what you want to know about them by reading on!


Who Is the Best in the World?


Choosing just one player is immensely challenging, especially because the top gamers often face each other. Instead, there are ways to determine the best ones – you have to determine earnings, ranking points, and popularity. Take a look at the different categories and top Fortnite players:


The Best Player by Earnings


In terms of tournament prize money, the best player is Bugha, who won the 2019 World Cup event and earned no less than $3 million. 


However, when it comes to eSports earning, other gamers have won a lot of money too. The players that come just after Bugha are the following:


  • David ‘Aqua’ Wang, with almost $2 million
  • Harrison ‘Psalm’ Chang, with $1.82 million
  • Emil ‘Nyhrox’ Pedersen, with $1.53 million
  • Shane ‘EpikWhale’ Cotton, with $1.49 million
  • Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman, with $1.33 million


Ranking Points


Although earnings are a good way to determine whether or not a player is the best one, others believe that ranking points are more important. 


Due to the Fortnite Gamepedia layout, people can see gamers’ ranking points in certain events. However, you can also look at the how many points they’ve gained in their whole career, which might help you determine who’s the best gamer. 


When it comes to lifetime ranking points, the best Fortnite gamer is Benjyfishy with 148,875 points. The other fantastic players that stand out are the next ones:


  • EpikWhale with 144,700
  • Worthy with 144,515
  • Jynx with 136,810
  • Mitr0 with 134,650
  • Mongraal with 127,440


Who Is the Best Right Now?


Many people are debating to determine who’s the best Fortnite player right now. Overall, the best ones in previous years don’t necessarily have to stand out this year, and this is why examining the players’ popularity is essential. Here are the top gamers that people believe might be the best ones:




Diego ‘Arkham’ Palma has become one of the best active Fortnite players. He has been in the 100 Thieves team since 2019, which is immensely famous due to its top-level gaming.


Even though he is immensely talented, some people have spotted flaws in Arkhram’s games. Therefore, members of the gaming community will have to wait and see if Diego stays on top of the charts for the rest of the year.




Rehx has gained popularity because he came in first at multiple FNCS. He competes in both NA West and NA East Cash Cups, he’s a regular, and he’s also part of 100 Thieves.




After the Fortnite World Cup, EpikWhale gained a lot of fame. He sometimes plays with 100 Thieves, but he also games with Reef and is part of NRG.


Shane Cotton, also known as EpikWhale, won the Grand Royale and people believe that he might surprise everyone this year.


To Wrap Up


There are numerous top Fortnite players and choosing the best one means you have to pick a specific category to do so. Now that you know the top gamers, who do you think will dominate the game? Choose your favorite!


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