Who Are The Best League of Legends Jungler Players?

Every year, the Worlds brings the best players across the world to one place. This is no different for 2020. Some of the greatest players are being brought to one hotel in Shanghai to compete against one another.


Among these players are 22 varying junglers who are playing to represent their team and region in hopes of taking the Worlds trophy home. Nonetheless, there are a few junglers who stand out among the rest and hold a higher likelihood of securing the title for their teams. 


Who Are The Best LoL Jungler Players?


Here are our picks for the best jungler players that are present in the League of Legends Championships:


Kanavi, JDG


Kanavi’s immaculate playing on the Rift speaks for himself. It's no secret that he's the center of attention in his team and shows impressive talent. He is said to be the driving force behind a variety of JD Gaming's victories due to his ability to secure kills that allow him to eat up as much gold as possible. Along with gaining in-game and draft resources. 


Kanavi has a number of achievements under his belt. He was named the MVP from his performance in the Spring Split. Along with this, he was voted as the first All-Pro jungler in the most recent Summer Split. He sits above the rest and holds the top spot on LPL's list. Moreover, he has the ability to out-skirmish every single one of his opponents and look flashy while doing it. 


It’s not difficult to see why Kanavi is regarded as the reason for JDG being so highly rated, as well as why the team made it to the finals with Top Esports as the team’s opponents.


Canyon, DWG


Canyon is seen as the best jungler in the LCK. His performance is on-form recently, and it's going to be difficult for opponents to handle his strength that he showcases while playing. Canyon holds the highest damage percentage, highest damage per minute, and highest KDA out of all of the junglers who have participated in the half of the LCK Summer Split.


Canyon’s success can be explained by the champ preference. Most junglers preferred to stick with teamfight-orientated, high-baseline value champions in this previous split.


However, Canyon mainly played with the character, Nidalee, who was his most played champion. With playing this champion, he was able to achieve a win rate of 100 percent. He is expected to dominate in the Worlds tournament.


SofM, Suning


SofM was a large contributing factor to the victories gained by Suning over LGD. He possesses a 12 KDA in three separate championships. However, he did have a significant downfall in the last game against LGD, where he played zero AP champions outside one of the games. Nonetheless, he was entirely on AP champions before that for the previous 54 games continuously. 


This feature could make drafting significantly easier for his opponents in the upcoming Worlds. Nevertheless, SofM is still exceptionally competitive and a player who should be looked out for and deserves some attention.