Who Are the Best Heroes in Hearthstone?

Hearthstone has many heroes that you can play with to be a champion. If you’re new to this game, you might be confused about who are the best heroes in Hearthstone. Don’t worry because the following is a list of the top heroes you can try.

The Best of The Best Heroes in Hearthstone

Tier 1 includes the best of the best heroes for Hearthstone. They are extremely strong and can provide you big assets to play your game.

  • Dancin’ Deryl

Dancin’ Deryl is considered among the most difficult heroes in Hearthstone. It can provide important buffs for minions. However, you must master the art of its dance to effectively land the buffs. You can prefer for token generators like Murloc Tidehunter and Alleycat to get more minions you can sell.

  • Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End

Choosing Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End can bring you 2 benefits. It can offer you buffed up minions that can assist you to the mid-game unscathed. Additionally, it is the lone hero who can recruit a minion for only 2 golds.

  • Arch-Villain Rafaam

This hero is a master of getting useful minion through copying them from other players.

  • Tirion Fordring

If you want a unique hero, Tirion Fordring can be a good option for Battlegrounds. It can buff minions that are not tied to any of the game tribes. With this hero, you can transform junk into monsters.

  • Edwin VanCleef

Edwin VanCleef can offer you a cheap and powerful buff. If you buy more minions, you can receive bigger buffs. It has a Hero Power that can buff minions even those difficult to improve. With Edwin VanCleef, you can protect key assets like Scavenging Hyena, Baron Rivendare, or Mama Bear. With that, they can be healthier and survive the battle.

  • A.F Kay

A.F. Kay doesn’t have the ability to buy minions on the first 2 turns. Meanwhile, you can freeze the minions you get from Tavern. The hero’s power is turned three, which is a powerful spike. The hero can discover 2 minions for free. These minions come from Tavern Tier 3. Another advantage of the hero is that it was the first hero to find Floating Watcher or Cobalt Guardian.

Are you ready to enjoy a successful game with Hearthstone? Then, it is time for you to choose one of the best heroes mentioned above. With that, you can have more chances of winning and gain amazing rewards. It also helps to master your skills in the game.