Which Faction Should I Choose in World of Warcraft

When it comes to choosing a video game side, this can be a very difficult task. There are so many factors to consider, not just whether you want to be the hero or villain. World of Warfare is another game that makes you choose your faction. Choose wisely because this might determine your fate!


Choosing a Faction


Choosing your faction is a very important task. It affects your overall player experience, so you want to make sure that you are choosing wisely. World of Warfare (WoW) only has two factions; therefore, your decision should not be difficult to make. They are such an important factor because they are going to influence the entire game. The factions shape your game and determine what your storyline is going to be for the remainder of the game.


The two factions are Alliance and Horde. The design of these groups is fairly simple, but their execution of things is very intricate. Alliance can be considered as the “good guys.” These players want to get rid of the evil forces from Azeroth and protect themselves against any threats. Horde members can be associated with violence and warfare. They are most definitely the anti-hero faction. These groups must navigate their way around the conflict occurring in Azeroth.


There is more to these groups than whether you want to be the good or bad guy. Certain classes and races can only join one faction.




This faction is the better option for players focused on fighting against others with a sense of order and clearing the end-game data. This is easier if you are a part of Alliance, but it is not impossible for Horde members.


The main class that defines Alliance is the Paladin. Paladins are defined by balance. They have powerful blessings, and for this reason, they are considered desirable partners.  


Alliance players also level up the fastest. This is due to factors such as guide zones, quests, plotting, and other factors.


The two main hubs of Alliance are Stormwind and Ironforge. Stormwind is the Human capital, and Ironforge is the Dwarven capital. These provide more structural, refined, pure, and industrial aesthetics.




Horde is believed to be more of an impactful faction due to the questing experience and entertainment factor. It is the more alluring group due to its' sense of violence and darkness.


The Shaman class defines the Horde faction. The Shaman is also quite a balanced class. They are independent, and they offer buffs to parties.


Horde has the major hubs Orgrimmar, the Orc capital, and the Undercity. The Orc capital acts as a Troll bastion, and the Undercity is the grim place of the Undead. This has a darker, brooding, and more serious aesthetic.

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The Bottom Line


Ultimately, you should choose the faction that is going to give you a greater sense of enjoyment. It is a personal choice based on your desired outcome of the game. One thing that

would be beneficial is that if all your friends are in the same faction. This is so because communication between groups is restricted. At the end of the day, this is a social activity that you want to be able to enjoy with your friends.