What You Need to Know About Overwatch’s Competitive Mode

Overwatch introduced its Competitive Mode a few years ago, but it is still crucial to learn its turnarounds since it is one of the essential elements in this game. Players must understand its format to ensure that they know how to handle the game and increase their stats. Basically, you need to reach at least level 25 for you to join ranked.

The ranked play consists of 12 mas, and each one has different styles to give players a unique format each time they pass through one. All maps have playload, and your team must play two games by competing with the enemy team. Keep in mind that the Competitive Mode for the maps focus primarily on the completed objectives. It means that every time you score by pushing the playload across, that also adds up to the current points of your team.

You also have to make sure to switch sides as soon as you can see any opportunity to attack. You should also peek at the score of the opponents so you will get an idea about how much more you need to exceed them. So, once you have higher score than your opponent or you have pushed the playload farther, your team automatically wins the game.

However, there are times that both teams can push the playload at the same distance. They should then play the Sudden Death tiebreaker to declare the real winner.

All maps, even those without playload, works the same. Each side must prioritize attacking compared to always defending. It works by using a time back system. The team who attacks will be given 10 minutes to win. They need to capture both points while making sure to prevent their opponent from doing so. The team who was able to capture both points will be declared the winner.

If both teams were able to capture the same number of objectives, they should switch sides to redo the game again. If the attacking team has a leftover time from the last round, that will be added on top of the new time given to them. It enables them to get an ample amount of time to win the game. You should expect that this procedure will result in longer matches. Sudden Death may also happen if both teams run out of time indicated in the time banks and end up getting the same objective score.