What Will Happen with Fortnite?

Fortnite is probably the most prominent online game in the country right now. The game has consistently grown and attracted many gamers because of its exceptional missions and graphics.


As a newbie, you might have a difficult time with the game but, with time, you start enjoying it. Since its inception, the company has consistently raked in $2 million in terms of revenue. The success is primarily attributed to the dedication of developers that continuously add updates that respond to community wishes.


Recently, the company has been engaged in a controversy that has raised concerns of many gamers about the future of the game. Apple removed the app from the Apple Store with allegations that Epic Games violated its terms by incorporating independent paying systems in the new Fortnite update.


The Apple Store demands a 30% commission on all purchases that players make in the games. The new update implemented a new paying system that sidelined Apple’s policy. The result of the scuffle was the removal of the app on Apple store.


Similarly, Google also did the same and removed the game from Playstore as well. Google also holds similar policies that prevent developers from implementing their own payment systems. Companies are expected to part of their sales to Google to maintain their product on the platform.


The move sparked concerns over the closing of the game. Since 2018, social media has always sparked controversy over the closing of different games. Many of the rumors are driven by competitors who wish to dissuade people from trying out the most popular games. Similarly, in March 2020, Fortnite was supposedly expected to close. In response, Epic Games rolled out the new update.


This was the update that led to the conflict with Apple. In response to Apple’s actions, Epic has filed a petition citing Apple’s monopoly with the Apple Store. The appeal is expected to change Apple's decision by garnering support from worldwide players that enjoy the game. Epic Games has urged everyone to help in signing the petition. You can access the petition on Fortnite Communities and Epic Games’ website.


Many people suggest that the move was primarily targeted at provoking Apple and not Google. You can never know what really went on behind the scene.


Currently, you cannot download the game from neither the Google Play Store nor the App Store, since both companies took down the game. However, the removal doesn't affect current gamers who have the game already installed on their device. You can still enjoy the game with the new update since Apple hasn’t taken any further action against Epic Games.


Hopefully, the issue gets resolved soon, and you can continue enjoying the game without uncertainty. The move significantly affects Epic Games revenue since new players don't have a chance to enjoy the game. One can only speculate that Epic Games used the move to boost its own sales and avoid missing the 2 million mark once again.


Help the company by signing the petition if you are a fan who doesn’t want the game to disappear soon. Best of Luck! Let’s sit and wait to see what happens next.