What We Know about Arcane Season Two

Everyone wants to go back to Zaun and Piltover when Arcane season two comes out. Although you might want to watch it right now, there are a few things you need to know about the series’ release date. This article describes it all in detail.

The Story

What people know about the second season of this fantastic series mostly comes from where season one left off. Unfortunately, there is no information about season two’s plot, so all you might think is probably due to what you know of season one.

The finale of Arcane’s season one left everyone on a cliffhanger as Jinx fired a rocket at the Council, endangering everyone inside. Anyone can die or get injuries as a result of Jinx’s actions as she goes on a rampage because she feels like everyone betrayed her.

Although no one knows what happens in season two, fans speculate that it might include new League of Legends characters, specifically Orianna and Warwick.

Release Date Speculation

There are some good news and bad news regarding Arcane’s season two release date. On the one hand, fans were terrified because season one took six years to come out.

You can let out a relieved breath – Nicolo Laurent, the CEO of Riot Games, posted a tweet saying that season two would take much less than that.

However, Laurent also said that it wouldn’t come out in 2022 even though its production started in November 2021. Therefore, it seems like fans have to wait and see what the CEO and other Riot Games representatives say about the release date.

Cast Speculation

As was mentioned before, there is not much information on who the cast will be for season two. However, people believe that it will include most of season one’s actors except for Silco’s, who may appear in flashbacks.

Since there are still no rumors about season two’s cast, fans might want to remember who voiced season one’s characters. Here are the actors with the voices you love:

  • Vi – Hailee Steinfield
  • Jinx – Ella Purnell
  • Caitlyn – Katie Leung
  • Jayce – Kevin Alejandro
  • Viktor – Harry Lloyd
  • Ekko – Reed Shannon
  • Vanker – J.B. Blank
  • Heimerdinger – Mick Wingert
  • Mel Medarda – Toks Olagundoye

The Video

Netflix released a short video to let fans know that Riot Games was working on season two. It’s a clip featuring Jinx’s, Vi’s, and Caitlyn’s voices.


There is not much information for Arcane season two, much to fans’ dismay. Even so, you shouldn’t despair – soon enough, more rumors and videos might come.

You should keep in mind that Riot Games worked on Arcane season one for a long time. Therefore, the team behind the series probably wants to make sure that season one is as good as the first one.

What you know about Arcane season two is enough to predict that it might be immensely good. Be patient and while you wait, why not re-watch season one? Enjoy seeing your favorite LoL characters and the beautiful animation of this series!

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