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What to Expect from the New Rainbow Six Siege Season?

The third Rainbow Six Siege season, Crystal Guard, is here, and it’s what all its fans wanted. This season brings major changes to how you can play the game, and it offers users new ways to enjoy it. Developers must do that to keep things fresh and attract more players. 


Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t that popular when it was first released. Fortunately, more people started to play this game each day, and it now has an excellent community that works every day to make the game better. 


If you are a player who likes to play ranked games and increase your elo, you need to know the upcoming changes. Not knowing them can lead you to lose tons of matches to people who already studied all reworks. 


Dive into this page to get a general overview of what to expect of this new Rainbow Six Siege Season! 


Map Reworks


This is one of the biggest changes that Crystal Guard brings to Rainbow Six. Clubhouse, Coastline, and Bank are getting a rework for this new season. That means they were completely rebuilt. 


Those changes include adding new locations to each one of them and blocking others to stop unfair firefights. That’s the case of the EXT Back Alley in Bank. The cabinets in the 1F ATMs were also removed from this map. This shows us that the development team focuses on making it a fair game for everyone. 


Coastline suffered similar changes. However, it’s important to know that players can now break the 2F VIP Lounge exterior wall. That allows you to rappel up from the DJ Booth. Clubhouse added two bomb sites in the 1F bar. 




Maps aren’t the only thing new in Crystal Guard. This new season brings us OSA, a new attacker for the game’s roster. OSA has excellent skills and characteristics that make her a worth picking option. One of those characteristics is its transparent bulletproof shield.


Balance Changes 


Speaking about attackers, the balance team wanted to add some changes to keep the game interesting.


One of them is a Twitch rework that makes her drive a standard drone in the Preparation Phase. Apart from that, there are some other changes regarding the Mute’s Signal Disruptor and the IQ’s Electronics Detector. 


Opponents now have a rim light to help you recognize them more easily. Crystal Guard also gives us some armor changes. The operator armor is now replaced by health, so keep that in mind when protecting yourself. There are many weapon buffs and nerfs, too. 


More Skins! 


As everyone is used to, there are new seasonal skins for your guns. Make sure to get the ones you like better!


Wrapping Up


Now that you read this, you can have a general idea of what to expect from this new Rainbow Six Siege season. Everyone is excited for Crystal Guard. Now that it’s here, all we can do is enjoy it the best we can.