What Makes Dota 2 So Popular

Even in the earlier years, people love doing something to engage in and entertain themselves, and for this, they continued looking for ways and  seems like playing games has been on  top of their list. The physical sports or games assume an indispensable role in the wellbeing and health of the body just as they are proven effective for the right body and mind coordination. With the passage of time, the games continue to evolve, and varieties began to spread. In any case, the significance of the games remains.

It was then that the online games were introduced, and they were a very surprising story. Before you used to play computer games on the TV screen in your lounge room, now you could play with individuals from different parts of the world and continue playing with them as you wish to.

With the advent of modern online games, it became highly possible for individuals to fully enjoy games and to even communicate with one another and play in the form of networks or communities. This brought individuals closer and gave them the chance to appreciate and enjoy a completely different gaming experience as though they’re all sitting close together. So, the need to associate just as to get engaged and entertained was fulfilled by these web-based games.

One of the leading online games these days is Dota 2. This is one of the most played online games by millions of players all over the world. Dota 2 is a known member of the multiplayer online battle arena combining elements of tower defense games and real-time strategy games. This game features two teams, each team with five players who compete to destroy the other team’s core base.

Though there are some concerns, Dota remains to be a popular online game. This is because this online game was infused with iconic gameplay and heroes of the groundbreaking and thrilling Warcraft III. This is also a custom game having vitality and has pioneered the legitimacy of competitive esports and video gaming.

This game is very popular because the game itself is epic and has a lot of history in it. The players also have their own unique history. No wonder, Dota 2 boasts its 13.5 million or even more active players. This only indicates how popular and engaging the game can be for this to attract this huge number of gamers all over the world.