What Does Smurfing Mean?

Smurfing is a common practice carried out by players in various competitive video games. Games like League of Legends, DOTA, Call of Duty, Counterstrike, and Rainbow Six Siege all have a culture of smurfing within their communities. The practice involves a player, usually a highly ranked top-level competitor, playing on a second account that is of a much lower rank and level than the player actually is.


Doing this allows the player to play with people far below their level of skill and experience. Meaning that they are in for an easy, relaxing game as opposed to the high-intensity games they experience at their main rank.


How Do I Smurf?


To begin smurfing, first, ask yourself if you need to smurf.


  • Are you at a high enough level where there are new players far below your skill?


  • Are you struggling to consistently perform well and win matches in ranked?


  • Is casual play becoming a struggle?


If the answer to these questions is yes, get a smurf account.


To start off you actually need to own a smurf account. This is done in two ways. You can buy or create a new account, and a new copy of the game. From there you need to play your placement games to get your rank.


When playing your placement games you need to make sure that you do not play as good as you normally do, otherwise, you end up back in the same rank as your main account. Instead, you need to try and purposefully play bad. Lose more than you win and avoid having a high kill/death ratio.


Be careful! You need to balance this performance out. Playing obviously bad can result in you getting reported for griefing and being banned.


The easier option is to purchase a smurf account online. When you do this the account is already ranked, and ready for you to jump straight into it.


Smurf accounts are affordable, quick and easy. If you are looking to start smurfing, this is the best option to go with.


Why Should I Smurf?


Why smurf?


Smurfing has a lot of advantages.


  • Sometimes you just want to take it easy without having to try hard every game. While smurfing you avoid all the sweaty high ranked players and can relax stomping on some low tier players.


  • By having a smurf account you can play ranked with friends who are new to the game. Most competitive games don’t allow you to play with people who are too far below your rank. This includes any friends you might introduce to the game. Smurfing allows you to play with these friends and coach them through the ranks.


  • Smurfing allows you to try out lots of different strategies without any fear of losing your rank. Sometimes we want to get experimental with how we play. Instead of jumping headfirst into a ranked game and losing, you can practice.


If these look appealing to you, then a smurf account is just what you need.