What Does it Takes to Be the Best Counterstrike: GO Player?

In playing CS:GO, players are required to win tournaments. However, someone who has a great contribution in helping the team reach their objective is considered the best. So, how can we determine it? Is it measurable?

Although the audience can clearly see the volume of kills and kill ratio of the player, CS:GO still uses a statistical analysis to determine the best. It sums up all the data points that he gets such as average damage per round (ADR) and kills per round (KPR). Apart from these rates, he must also acquire some qualities that will make him go far from the real objective of the game.

Practice makes perfect.

Since Counterstrike: GO is one of the multiplayer games that is difficult to play, anyone who wants to explore its world should work hard to master different techniques. Even the best players were not able to get the turnarounds of the game overnight. That means that you have to play a lot and move faster.

Study the settings.

Since you are a beginner, the first thing that you have to master before anything else is the settings. Find out how to enable the control, audio, and video settings work for you so that you are comfortable in using them. Make sure they function according to your personal preferences and they perfectly match the current hardware that you are using. You need to play fast in the game so you have to ensure that the device can handle a higher tick rate, which is 64 frames per second.

Get started with the deathmatch.

When you practice, it is recommendable to start from a game mode that has no objective yet, and that is deathmatch. Through it, you don’t have to go over the rounds or spend money. Furthermore, there is no downtime when you get killed in the game. It is an excellent way to learn how the different guns function. It may not teach you the best tactics, but at least, it is a good starting point for you to focus on the basic firearms first.

Try aim maps.

Although not all players seem to be using this style at the present, we couldn’t underestimate its help to beginners. It allows you to practice your rifle aim to help you achieve a perfect accuracy. Aim maps are also designed to enable players learn rifle headshots since it is mostly involved in CS matches.