What Changes to Expect to Tank Heroes Because of the Experimental Card?

As the Overwatch is looking for the answer in how to make the game more exciting and fun, they made the experimental mode. This is to let the player try and experience some gameplay ideas to help them get some feedback about it. And inclined with it, there will be a change of role queue.  Which instead of 2-2-2, now there will be 1-3-2, which stands for one tank, two supports, and three damage.

As there will be one tank in the gameplay in the experimental mode, there are also some changes in the tank heroes. And with that, here are the update changes of the tank heroes.

  • Orisa


For its Protective Barrier changes

  • The cooldown is reduced from ten seconds to eight seconds
  • Its barrier health is increased up to 900


  • D.Va


For its General changes

-Its armor health ratio is adjusted, which its armor health pool is increased by 200 to 400. And its base health is decreased from 400 to 200.


For its defense Matrix changes would be

-The duration is increased from two seconds to four seconds.


For its Fusion cannons

  • The movement penalty is lessened from 50 percent to 30 percent.


  • RedHog


For its Take a Breather changes

  • When used, it leaves a cloud behind. The cloud can be used to heal all the allies that are within it by 25 health per second and can provide 25 percent damage reduction.

For its Chain Hook

-Its cooldown is reduced


For its Scrap Gun

  • The damage per pellet is lessened from 6 to 5, which the 150 damage per shot is reduced to 125 damage.

For its Whole hog

  • The cost is increased


  • Reinhardt


For its general changes

-The armor health ratio is adjusted, which the armor health pool is increased from 200 to 300. And its base health is decreased from 300 to 200.


For its Rocket hammer changes would be

  • The damage is increased

For its Barrier Field

  • Its generation rate is increased


  • Sigma


For its Experimental Barrier

  • The regeneration rate is increased
  • The barrier health is also increased


  • Winston


For its General changes

-The armor health pool is increased to 200 from its 100, and its total health is now 600


For its Barrier Projector

  • Its cooldown is reduced


  • Zarya


For its general changes

  • The shields health pool is increased to 300 from 200
  • The maximum energy gain for per barrier is decreased

For its Particle cannon for the primary fire

  • The maximum primary fire damage per second is reduced

For Particle cannon for the secondary fire

  • The maximum secondary fire damage is reduced

For Particle Barrier for self

  • The cooldown is decreased

For Particle barrier for Ally

  • It can now create barriers on all of its allies that are within the 8 meters of the target
  •  The duration is increased