What Are The Best VALORANT Agents?

The meta is kept fresh thanks to the addition of new Agents regularly. It's essential to choose a VALORANT Agent that's going to equip you with the right tools and make it possible to increase in rank within the game. 


What Is The Methodology Behind Finding The Best VALORANT Agents?


All of the information on the VALORANT Agents is based on the following:


  • Feedback is given from multiple players at different skill-sets, as well as research and personal experience
  • An Agent’s synergy and how it’s able to play alongside others
  • The anticipated meta that’s based on already popularized synergy
  • Based off of the Agent’s overall viability and utility throughout the course’s match




This Agent was a standard draft and considered strong during the recent VALORANT tournaments. The main reason can be linked to his abilities to pass through walls. Choosing Breach grants you the opportunity to bunker-bust without a line of sight. This ensures a knock-up and daze. All of these features, as well as his terrain-bypassing kit, make him a valuable asset. He is easily seen as one of the best VALORANT Agents.




Cypher is the perfect VALORANT Agent if you’re looking to play the game with a slow playstyle. He holds a pretty static kit that works well in these playing conditions. His exceptional abilities are enhanced when paired up with Sova. He is made invaluable thanks to his opportunities to be the eyes and ears of the match. Added to this, he carries the ability to give his team a significant edge. This is due to the combination of his Spy Cam and trip-wires, which have the potential to damage opponents severely.




Killjoy is a static Champion whose focus is predominantly placed on locking down an area and making sure it's secure. Her attacking abilities are weaker than her defense, but this quality doesn't seem to hinder her overall performance. However, one issue with her set-up is her Turret. Nonetheless, this negative feature is compensated by her Alarmbot and Ultimate, which are potent and can frustrate easily. 




He is seen as a staple in CS, and CS: GO players. This is primarily due to a kit that provides him with features like grenade and flashbang. Moreover, he also has the opportunity to have what's effectively a second life. Added to this, he's equipped to play aggressively and can aid in opening up a route to his team before returning to where he was. Not to mention his incredible ability to self-sustain.




Sage is far less aggressive than other Agents like Breach or Phoenix. Nevertheless, she is still able to perform incredibly well. The extraordinary qualities she possesses makes her invaluable to any team. This is mostly due to several factors, such as her ability to bring downed players back to life and the sustain she offers her team. Her ice field is also proven to be incredible for zoning as well as buying time. All of these abilities make her one of the best VALORANT Agents.