Ways to Improve Your Performance at League of Legends

I know the reason why you are reading this article right now, it is because you need some tips to improve your performance of playing League of Legends.

Port Forwarding

The term “port forwarding” refers to not to check your router every second of data usage that will come out and in of your PC or computer. Each router has unique characteristics. Thus, it is advised for you to look for a reliable and trusted one.

Tweak Windows 7

Changing your Windows 7 can be one of the best steps that you can do to enhance the level of your game performances. Tweaking it will require your time, but after finishing it, your entire PC or computing will work faster as you think. How to do this?

Adjust Your Laptops or Power Plan – click the Power Plan icon or the Battery sign on your Control Panel and change it into “High Performance.”

Adjust Your Sounds and Effects – search the term “Performance” in your search bar and click the “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.” And look for the box that has the mark of “Adjust for best performance.” After that, go to the tab of “Advanced” and ensure that you have already checked the “Programs.” And, make your background color to “Personalization” that you can do when you touch your desktop. Go to the Control Panel, look for the “Sound” and choose “No Sounds.”

Be the Friendliest Player Inside the Game Environment

To boost your gaming performance, you are required to be the friendliest player in the League of Legends gaming environment. But, it does not mean that you are required to give lots of compliments to your co-players. But, you can be the friendliest player if you will be the one who will cut the argument between the two different players. When someone creates a good job, then tell him or her that it’s a “job well done.” And, if there is someone who doesn’t know how to play the game, teach him or her. These usually happen at the Silver and Bronze Leagues. You can explain to them how they can enhance their gameplay. You can tell them, “Don’t start trolling; by doing so, you will screw up the game for all of us.” “You are buying the wrong item; this is the item you should purchase.” “Please, go and hug your tower. We will try to make kills and carry your lane afterward.”

Don’t be a Greedy Killer, just Focus on Your Game Objectives

This is the most vital tip that you should know in playing League of legends. But still, there are lots of players who usually do the wrong one. Most LoL participants are dying just to have more kills compared to the other players. But, as a result of their greediness, rather than killing their opponents, they will die immediately. Thus, you need to determine the things that you need to kill. And these can be the minions, champions, towers, and nexus.