Want to Boost Your Stats in Fortnite? Follow These Tips!

Your first experience in achieving the victory in Fortnite might be a tough one. You may feel frustrated because you have felt that you already did everything that you can but still, the winning crown is far from your reach. Thankfully, there are great strategies that you can use to get ahead with your opponents, secure your area, and gain power-ups.

  1. Be extremely cautious.

This action will keep you safe and alive until you are the only player left. Don’t draw attention that will trigger your opponent to create a fight. Of course, don’t try to shoot until you are 100% sure that you can hit the enemy and kill him. Make sure that you don’t leave your traces on the area. If possible, try to avoid opening doors when you are not sure that you can out of it alive.

As soon as you reach the final circles, find a spot where you can hide. Make sure not to create noise like your footsteps and switches of weapons. Shift to a safe spot when you hear somebody approaching. Run as quick as you can if you want to avoid the storm. When you see enemies fighting each other, make it your opportunity escape while still making sure not to create sounds of footsteps.

  1. Destroy the structures of your enemies.

Gather a load of explosives and weapons and put them at the bottom of the tower. This action will make it hard for your enemies to take you since they still need to build their level. You should be aggressive to shoot the structures, yet you have to make sure that they can’t hide or shield.

  1. Find the player with the best position in the game.

Try to find a way to sneak in the area of the enemy. You can usually see him at the top of the tower and busy building their structure. Make sure to proceed on the floor directly while covering yourself with ramp. Do your best not to gain attention. Once you are positioned under that player, wait for him to shoot all the players. Just hide and be patient until only the two of you remains. Then, blow out the floor where he is standing and use your weapon to shoot him as he falls. Make sure to hit him so that he can’t find a way to shoot at you, too.