Understanding Free Pass vs. Battle Pass

If you are new to Fortnite: Battle Royale and you want to get a cosmetic skin, two of the things that you would hear first are Free Pass and Battle Pass. Since these words are new to you, it is essential to find out their difference. In that way, you won’t get wrong when you are ready to make a purchase.

Free pass is a tiered system which can lead you to obtain cool freebies. Once unlocked, you will receive account icons or emotes every time you complete the given challenges.

On the other hand, the Battle Pass is the premium version that will help you unlock rewards such as cosmetic skins and experience boosters. Once you obtain these rewards, you will be able to rank up quickly. For you to access it, you need to buy it for 950 V-Bucks or equivalent to $9.50.

Although Battle Pass and Free Pass have differences, both will require you to earn battle stars which will help you reach a reward tier. You will earn the Battle Stars right after your accomplishments. You will find the challenges listed on the lobby. Both these features also have their separate sets of challenges, and you should complete them for you to obtain Battle Stars.

Keep in mind that earning 10 battle stars is the best way for you to level up your tier regardless if you use Free Pass or Battle Pass. That also means that even if you are already at the tier 3, buying a Battle Pass will help you unlock rewards that you have also earned previously.

Furthermore, you will also gain player account level and of course, the most-sought after of all which is the experience points or XP. You will get it after finishing a match or it will serve as a reward provided in the Battle Pass. You can aim to increase your account level so that you will earn 2 battle stars every level. Furthermore, that will also allow you to gain 5 stars and 10 stars every fifth and 10th level, respectively.

Players have the option to not to use these features if they are not comfortable with it or they find some things confusing. Aiming for cosmetics are plainly offered to give players challenges for them to strive for something. It means that you may not force yourself to purchase a Battle Pass if you are contented with the current look of your character.