Top 5 Support Heroes Every Player Needs

The battle has begun, and two teams aim to win the Overwatch match. Then, the tank characters make their move and deal severe damage to your heroes.

Then, suddenly, the healers or support heroes’ step into the field and heal the team. You’re glad to see that your team is alright, and the battle continues.

Most players are in that scenario where devastating attacks almost kill your heroes on the field. But thanks to the support heroes, your team is safe and ready to fight again.

Support heroes keep their team safe and alive. They also provide essential utilities that their team needs to survive the match. Above all – support heroes are always reliable to keep your winning edge near you.

Here are the top 5 of the most notable support heroes in Overwatch:


Brigitte has an excellent small shield that protects her and her teammates. The opposing team would be surprised in seeing her powerful ability – the Shield Bash. This ability stuns enemies that make them vulnerable to face attacks.

Also, Brigitte’s Repair Pack is handy in the battlefield as it heals her teammates and provides armor to heroes who have lost their armor. She can move fast and offer armor to heroes nearby using her ultimate, Rally.


One of the great healers for beginners is Mercy. She uses a staff that can toggle between damage and healing. If a teammate needs help, the Guardian Angel ability lets Mercy fly towards heroes who need help.

Mercy also has an awesome ability to resurrect dead heroes on the field. But players need to be cautious in using this ability.


The ability has a long cooldown that makes Mercy vulnerable to any attack.


Moira’s impressive healing abilities make a solid healer choice for most players. Moira uses a Biotic Grasp that reflects her kits dual nature. One of the kits sprays mist that can heal her teammates on the field. The other hand drains an enemy’s health and recharges her healing fast.

Moira is also good in firing Biotic Orbs that can damage the enemy or can heal teammates. Coalescence is Moira’s ultimate that heals allies and damages enemies at the same time.


Like Moira, Zenyatta is capable of healing or causing damage at the same time. Zenyatta’s Orb of Destruction attack gives severe damage to an enemy. Low-HP heroes have no match for Zenyatta as he releases a volley of orbs that takes down the enemy in a single shot.


Have you thought of shooting your teammates? Well, Ana is the healer that does that for you. Ana’s Biotic Refile allows her to inflict damage to enemies and heal her teammates.

That’s not all.

The Biotic Grenade levels up teammates who need healing or prevent enemies from being healed. Ana uses Sleep Dart to knock out an enemy. Ana has the Nano Boost ultimate that boosts teammate damage that heals them eventually.

Now, you’re familiar with the top 5 support heroes in Overwatch! Who among these heroes is the best healer for you? Well, it depends on the situation and ability of each of the support heroes.