Top 2 Heroes in DOTA 2

Playing an online game involves varying characters, avatar, or heroes. All of these provide the players with exceptional gaming experience. One of the top online games that use heroes and characters as part of the game features is DOTA 2. This game had been one of the most engaging and top-rated games across the world. Lots of gamers and enthusiasts had purchased it due to its quality features and gameplay. But what makes DOTA 2 exceptional is the use of heroes and avatars which are enjoyed by the players. Given this, here are the top heroes used in DOTA 2.

•    Crystal Maiden

One of the most acquired and top-rated heroes in DOTA 2- the Crystal Maiden. Even though it is a support, Crystal Maiden is included to the pool of DOTA 2 heroes which are considered as a solid pick, especially for the beginners. Experienced players, on the other hand, are usually reserved with support roles. Although it is for healing and running around everyone, yet it still does its role as a monitor and support during the game awesomely. It can help in achieving victory for the whole team, for it has excellent control and performance throughout the game.

CM can be both an offensive frontline fighter and a solid support pick due it is considered as a versatile hero. CM has a freezing power that slows and stuns the enemies and making an offensive move. Another excellent ability that this hero has is the Arcane Aura, which allows the teammates or friendly units to enjoy an elevated level of mana in the early game. Initiation of the score for few kills and mass can be possible in the Freezing Field.

Best with:




Good with:

Phantom Assassin

Templar Assassin


Bad Against:


Nyx Assassin



•    Omniknight

Another effective and excellent hero to use in playing DOTA 2 is Ominiknight. This hero provides and serves as the gateway between defensive and offensive support. Omniknight has two skills which are great to apply in playing DOTA 2. The first one is Purification. This skill allows the player to heal the allies while dealing with the damages in the area nearby where the enemies are lurking. This fundamental skill is incredible due to it puts pure damage having no magic or armor resistance to save the opposing players. The second skill of the Omni knight is the Repel. This skill is considered as pure support. The hero grants full protection to any target moving. But using this skill needs enough attention and precaution for a misclick can turn immune to magic.

For ultimate protection, a Guardian Angel can be summoned by the Knight. This Guardian Angel grants a hundred percent immunity from the damage to the hero and other allies.

Also, the passive ability of Omni, which is the Degen Aura can weaken or slow the enemies from getting close to them. With this, a better chance to achieve victory is possible.

Best with:



Phantom Assassin

Bad Against:



DOTA 2 Invoker

Good Against:



Phantom Assassin