Tired of the Old Ragnarok Skins? Here’s How to Unlock!

If you are an avid fan of Ragnarok skins, then you are in the right page! Indeed, it is one of the most sought-after outfits in Fortnite. Thankfully, you won’t get bored by just having only one style. There are a lot of designs to get, only if you can unlock them! Yes, it’s possible to explore other Ragnarok skins to enhance the fun and excitement in the game.

First, take note that the Ragnarok challenges are not related to your Season level. That means that you have to gain a certain amount of XP to unlock a new style instead of completing the Battle Pass tiers until the entire season ends. Here is the list of XPs that you have to earn:

Tier 100 – Base Ragnarok Skin

35,000 XP – 1st Unlock

75,000 XP – 2nd Unlock

125,000 XP – 3rd Unlock

250,000 XP – Permafrost and 4th Unlock

500,000 XP – 5th Unlock

Also, the Ragnarok skin can only be acquired when you reach Tier 100 of the Season 5 Battle Pass. Therefore, you have to undergo a series of challenges before you get it as a reward. That’s challenging, isn’t it?

The Tier 100 will give you the base version of the Ragnarok outfit. As soon as you have it, take note that it is still not yet the end of the game! You have to complete the Ragnarok Challenges for you to gain an XP milestone before unlocking each upgraded outfit.

You may have noticed that earning 250,000 XP will not only let you unlock the 4th costume, but will also help you gain the Permafrost Harvesting Tool included in the Harbinger outfit set and one of the pickaxe skins. It is another cool skin that can be used to modify the outfit of the character, with a specific description the group “chiseled from glacial ice.”

It is, therefore, essential to gain enough amount of XP if you want to gain the coolest style of Ragnarok skin. For you to do that, make sure that you complete the weekly challenges provided in in the Season 5. It won’t only show how great your performance is, but you will also let the other players know that you have been progressive during the gameplay. Show them off your upgraded skin and they will surely be amazed by how you were able to reach that far!