Tips to Win in League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the well-known and most acquired online games that hooked over millions of players around the world. Since its release on the 27th day of March 2009, this game had taken over the world. It had been one of the most reviewed and top headlines for the different news networks around the world.

Playing this game is a blast, especially for teenagers. The gameplay and features of it are of high quality and proven effective. It encompasses varying aspects that greatly help and nurtures the players with their core commitments, value, and purpose. Lots of techniques and knowledge in using not just the game but also the resources, such as the game options and the technology, were provided to the players. Lots of tips and ideas on how to make the game a success was developed, leaving the players excited and motivated to strive harder in doing further researches and analyzation. Here are the top tips on the most recent updates received by League of Legends from its creators and developers.

Take the First Tower Blood or First Blood

By making the first kill like a champion in the game, the first blood can be gained. Also, the first tower in the game must be destroyed in the game. Whenever the first blood is received, there will be bonuses and prizes such as the additional gold bonus which can help the players to achieve early advantages in the game. But it is hard to get. This is because of playing the game with other players who have already taken it. But once it is taken, the player must return to the base immediately to do some shopping for additional tools for the beginners such as the Doran’s ring or blade.

Focus on the Game

This is one of the most vital and useful tips provided in playing LoL. However, various amounts of players are still performing the upside-down of this recommended tip. It can be observed that lots of LoL players want to have a final shot through having a turret. But instead of stopping the enemies, the players tend to kill their selves. This kind of phenomenon can be avoided by allotting sufficient focus and time on things that comprise the LoL game.

Here is the list of how to prioritize the things in order:



The Champions, and


Proper application and implementation of these tips can make the LoL gaming experience a great one.

Ask from the Professionals

This game has a lot of processes and involved methods that sometimes are not given enough attention by the players, especially the original gameplay and settings. Before it transformed into what it is now, the League of Legends also surpassed a lot of slopes and rocky trails. Its experienced deficiency and problems which affected its quality. However, knowing all of these about the game can take time. That is why the tip number one is to ask the professionals or the previous players. This way, other related and vital information about the game can be received. This will then result in a deeper idea about the game and other matters connected to it. New learning and techniques can also be achieved by asking players and professionals.