Tips for Beginners in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most demanding battle royal games out there, and if you are looking to drop into one of the most popular online games, this guide equips you with essential tips to help you prosper in the Apex Legends universe.


Get Familiar With the Legends and Their Abilities


The game introduces a total of 12 characters with different abilities. All the characters have different playing styles, so getting to know at least two to four characters’ abilities allows you to have a diverse sense of play, and you can understand what your competitor can do.


Use the Firing Range


Apex Legends give players a firing range mode, and this mode is an essential tool to improve your skills in the game. The range allows players to get accustomed to the wide range of weapons, targets, enemies, zip lines, armor, explosives, healing items, and legendary items. The mode also gives you the chance to experiment with characters, helping you understand various characters’ mechanics. This shooting range can help any player looking to improve their overall playing ability in Apex Legends.


Get Used to the Weapons


Now that you know about the firing range, use it to get familiar with all the weapons and items. Getting familiar with all five weapon types can turn a beginner into an expert. Learning the weapons range and damage improves players’ game as you understand, which is more useful in battles. It is also vital that players master the different sights by using the right scopes on certain guns; for example, you should use a red dot sight in short and mid-range combat over a long-range attachment. Barrel and stock attachments are also vital in improving your game, as they can decrease the recoil from the guns, enhancing your accuracy during intense fights. Each item varies between common, normal, epic, and legendary. Players can learn having an epic stock instead of common stock can be so much more effective during combat.


Have an Exit Strategy


When jumping into the battle, players are assigned to a team, or you can invite friends. You and your squad need to be coordinate with one another, but if all hell breaks loose, the best option is to pull back and regroup. This tactic can give the team the chance to heal each other after an intense fight and gives you time to re-strategize. 


Never Stay Still


Any battle royal player should know that staying still is the worst thing you could ever do. Make sure always to move around even if you feel that you have the upper hand over your opponent. By moving and jumping around, it makes you a daunting opponent to take down. To take this advantage even further, make sure you go to the firing range to learn how to maintain accuracy during your maneuvers. This skill gives players a massive upper hand over opponents during close combat encounters.


Stay in the Circle


It is never fun being killed by the in-closing ring, and it is crucial to keep an eye on the map so you know when to start moving into the ring before the countdown hits zero. It also saves you from becoming an easy target for other players as you try to get into the circle.