Tip That Makes You Better at Hearthstone

How to get better. It's a question that all of us have asked about something at some point. Whether it be drawing, playing an instrument, driving, or in this case, a video game. 


Hearthstone plays differently to that of other Esports out there. An FPS player can adjust to a fighter better than they can a card game and vice versa. There are just certain elements and attributes that are strictly exclusive to card games that you can't learn anywhere else and can be a real hurdle for the beginner player starting off. 


Now, if you're looking for specialization tips, this isn't it. We would be here all day if we decided to dive into the depths of deck composition, synergy, and the other elements of a player's skill that makes them great.


Instead, we are going to take a generalized view, aimed at those who are unfamiliar with card games, giving out one crucial nugget of information that is not only going to help you to up your Hearthstone game, but your skill level in other competitive card games, as well.  


Resource Management


This is the golden rule: card games are all about resource management. With other titles, you regen your health, ammo, and whatever else at the end of every round. For some games, you can have upwards of 30 of these individual rounds. With card games, you don't get that luxury. Championships are decided over best of fives, and often you're going to find yourself playing single elimination at a competitive level of play. 


This makes managing your resources so much more important than you may be used to. You're limited in what you have, with the bulk of your play coming from your starting hand. Due to this, you want to use the tools at your disposal sparingly and appropriately. Don't waste powerful removal on weak cards, especially when you know your opponent has something stronger up their sleeve.


It's all about who can get the most bang for their buck. If your opponent has a seven mana card on the field, and you can wipe it out with a five mana card, you're up two mana for that exchange. It's trades like that you want to be looking for. 


Hearthstone is notorious for not having much in the way of a draw engine, so the only way to restock your resources is going to be from drawing at the start of every turn, so pace yourself. Card games are a marathon, not a sprint. 


Now, it's important that you don't over-rely on value trading. Your five mana removal could be worth far more than a seven mana card, if that seven mana isn't doing anything. 


Certain opponents know this, and are going to try and bait out your good cards, so play around your opponent's deck, and focus on disruption as much as possible. 


Once you get the hang of how to appropriately use the cards you have available to you and trust us, it takes time, you're going to see a swift and dramatic increase in the skill level of your play, and hopefully your rank, too.