Thing to Do When You Want to Stay on Top of League of Legends

Do you tend to get angry while playing League of Legends? Or you are that player who is always afraid of approaching his enemies? Well, if you possess any of these attitudes, then you are not the best fit to play the game. Tilting is the worst thing that a player can do while the game is running. Do you know that your strategies and control will get affected by your emotion? Sometimes, it is crucial to take a break whenever your heart is pumping and you are too intense to manage your character.

There is no reason for you to tilt during the game. First of all, think of the impact it brings to your techniques. Can you think the proper way and produce a better strategy? You will notice that tilting will just make the game worst. It will get your focus out of the game and instead eat you! Try to get calm, or take a break when needed. If you see that you have been losing at game for two consecutive games, then it’s time for you to sit down and relax before starting another gameplay again.

Have you tried to watch your replays right after your game? If not, then you should give it a try! Thankfully, the developer of LoL released a replay system where you can watch the previous game. It will help you spot your mistakes so that you will gain an idea about correcting it. But if you think you did it right and you still failed, then you can create a better strategy to alter your tricks. And that will teach you a lesson not to repeat the same mistake. Think about what you could have done differently if you were on the same situation again.

Make sure not to die! That means that you should not wait for your health to get low before you create another strategy. You may not estimate the enemies’ action but you still have the option to create a safer way to trick your enemy. Keep in mind that staying alive is better than killing the opponents most especially when you have low health.

It requires effort and implementation of these tips to climb the higher rankings. If you are serious enough to boost your stats, keep on the learning the mechanics, focus, and practice!