The Rarest Skins in League of Legends

Any seasoned League of Legends player knows that skins are a big deal in the game. Though most skins can be purchased online, there are some skins that are only available for a limited time only. These skins are considered a rarity, as once they have disappeared from purchase, there is a slim chance they are going to be available at another time.


We list the top five rarest skins in League of Legends.


Rusty Blitzcrank – This is considered one of the rarest League of Legends skins to date. Why is this ordinary skin such a rarity? This skin was released around the same time League of Legends was launched; however, the skin was only available for 10 days before being removed. There had been complaining that the Rusty Blitzcrank was too similar to the default. It was for this reason that the game lifted the skin from their collection. Little did players realize this skin would become so rare. To date, it is believed only 500 people have the Rusty Blitzcrank.


Whistler Village Twitch – Released during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Whistler Village Twitch was available for a short time during the Olympics. This limited-edition skin is owned by a few hundred if not thousands at most.


King Rammus (aka. Bowser) – This skin was released during the beta stages of the game. It was available to players who had registered for the beta of League of Legends in 2009. It is believed that a quarter of a million people have the King Ramus Skin, which in the world of League of Legends players, this is a small amount.


Silver Kayle – One of the most simplistic skins on the game, the Silver Kayle, was launched when League of Legends became a retail game. It was a skin that was available only to those who bought the game at a store.


Human Ryze – Similar to the Silver Kayle skin, the Human Ryze was only available via retail; however, the difference between the two skins is that this skin was given to those who pre-ordered the games’ collector’s edition. As this skin was only given to players who pre-ordered a specific edition, this is much rarer than the Silver Kayle skin.


The next time a skin goes on sale, or maybe you see an opportunity to trade for these, it may be worth it. Why? Seeing any one of these skins in your game is considered lucky. Have you had the luxury of seeing this in your game? If not, better keep an eye out – you never know what you might find on your next game.