The Important Aspects in Dota 2 and How to Utilize Them to Win

Apart from knowing the basics of the game, it is also essential to equip yourself with advanced strategies that can eliminate all your enemies. There are different aspects in the Dota 2 game that you have to master if you want to be a pro. Use these guidelines in honing your skills until you become an expert player.

  1. Visualize the ward

This aspect is sometimes neglected by some players. You must still take advantage of the smallest points in the game most especially if it can give you a better reach. See the preview of the wards area before deciding. Familiarize yourself with that place that you are going to work on. It is also crucial to remember that you can also ward other places as long as the situation permits you. As an example, you may place two wards so that you will gain more confidence in farming. Position the first one near the enemy tower while the other one is placed in the jungle. Using these positions, the first one should be aggressive while the latter is the defensive wards.

  1. Watch out for the items of you opponents

It means that you should not only pay attention on what you have, but you also need to check the items of the enemy constantly. If possible, you can study the skill of the enemy team heroes. It will allow you to know their movements, strengths, and weaknesses. If you haven’t used these characters yet, you can still notice that while they are playing. You need to be observant and conscious at the same time to read their upcoming actions.

  1. Check the runes.

Do not ignore both zero-minute rune and counter runes. They are equally important as you are trying ti power-up. Each has specific timer that will let you know when they are ready to power-up or regenerate. Remember that you are also relying on these things regardless of your position in the team. You should make sure that they are ready when needed.

  1. Take advantage of the items in the late game.

Keep in mind that each item is important most especially during the late game. Some of them can be disassembled so you can create a different item with special capability. This area makes the Dota 2 stand out. It can be helpful during the times that you need something to use as you attack or increase your health. Utilize them effectively and you will surely be able to gain good stats.