The Hidden Secrets of Overwatch

This game was created by Blizzard entertainment, and was released in May 2016. This is a team based first person shooter. This is a game that features several platforms and a numbers of game play modes, casual play, and a ranked play. It assigns six teams, and each player selecting from a nearly roster of 30 characters which is called "heroes".


Ashe - damage hero, her full name is Elizabeth Caledonia " Calamity Ashe" is an American gunslinger and leader of the deadlock Gang. Her weapon is the viper, which can repeat rifle which can be used for a short ranged quick fire or sighted long shots.

Bastion - is a combat robot that is an explorer. You can actually reconfigure this character between a mobile form outfitted with a sub-machine gun and an equipped with a gut ling gun. It also had the ability to self-repair and quickly regain health and damages.

Doomfist- the Nigerian-born Akande Ogundimu, a business man and a mixed martial artist that turned mercenary. He had a short-ranged Hand cannon on his off-hand that fires shut gun like burst and regenerates ammo over time, it can actually charge up a rocket punch that makes him to move forward and punched to an opponent backward.

Genji- Genji Shimada is a Japanese cyborg. His attach method is to throw three shurikens, either in quick succession or simultaneously which is horizontally spread. He has the ability to swift strike, which is a quick dashing lunge with good range. Deflect, is also a defensive power that can projectiles the enemies with the wakizashi, which is sword which is made traditionally by Japanese.

Hanzo - Hanzo Shimada, is a Japanese archer, assassin and mercenary. He actually weirds the Storm bow, and can execute specialized arrows which includes Sonic arrows that helps detect enemies. Storm arrows that can fire six full power shots in a rapid succession. He can wall climb, and lastly, he has the ultimate ability to dragon-strike, in which he unleashes a spiraling spirit dragon that can go through obstacles to deal with the damages in a straight line.

Junkrat - Jamison Fawkes, he is am Australian scavenger, mercenary and an anarchist. He has Frag launcher, which fires grenades and employs steel traps and remote detonated. Concussion mines, once killed, several prime grenades are being released from his body in his final attempt to get back with the enemies. His ultimate ability is RIP- tire a self-propelled truck wheel loaded with explosives that he can manually steer and detonate.