The Future of Destiny 2 – What Can We Expect?

Since its launch in 2014, Destiny 2 has become a highly popular shooter with a huge, sprawling universe. There have been fairly consistent updates and patches released since the game came out, and these updates have been varied. Smaller updates have been made available every few months, with larger updates and expansions also coming out less frequently. At this stage, it seems likely that Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, intends to keep the game relevant in this fashion until the next generation of consoles come out – likely sometime in 2022.


Bungie has recently announced something of a roadmap for the future of Destiny 2. Among other things, the developer stated that it intends to release three major expansions for Destiny 2 between now and 2022. While release dates for these expansions haven’t been released yet, Bungie has confirmed its plans for each of them, as well as denying any intentions to release a Destiny 3.


Beyond Light and New Storylines


The first expansion of Destiny 2 is called Beyond Light—this expansion centers around a new extension of the existing storyline and the concept of the Darkness. In Destiny 2, the Darkness is more than just the absence of light- it’s an ancient, evil force, which the player tries to control or fight against. In Beyond Light, a new destination also becomes available- a moon called Europa.


It seems clear that Beyond Light is going to be a narrative-heavy installation in the Destiny franchise. This expansion looks to expand on the existing storylines that Budgie has built and even brings back an old character from Destiny 1. The Exo Stranger was a fan-favorite in Destiny 1, and this character’s role is going to be crucial in the new Destiny 2 expansion. Beyond Light also aims to flesh out the origin and source of the character’s powers, as well as explaining how they work.


The Destiny Vault


Budgie has also announced a new ‘vault’ for Destiny content. This vault should allow players to get access to different elements of Destiny, both from Destiny 1 and 2. According to Budgie, the aim of the vault is also to keep file sizes smaller and limit download time for players who are new to the franchise. The vault should also make it much easier to consolidate content and updates for the different games and their expansions.


New Consoles


As it stands now, Budgie has not announced when it intends to make Destiny 1 or 2 available on the next generation of consoles, which should come out in 2022. These consoles are the Xbox X and Playstation 5. As such, it’s currently difficult to say how these new updates are going to work on the next generation of consoles and how they might impact the transition of the Destiny franchise to the new consoles. However, it does show us that Budgie intends to keep Destiny 2 alive with new content, and it seems highly likely that the transition to the next generation of consoles should be well-planned and coordinated.