The Best Heroes in Dota 2

As a beginner in Dota 2, you have to learn how to choose your heroes if you wish to win each time you play. Beginners always think that winning depends on high-level characters however, this is not true. You can easily win by using five heroes that are underrated by most Dota 2 players. The heroes possess unique abilities and skills that make them suitable for use by all level players.


Ostarion Wrath King


The Wrath King possesses unique abilities that make him an asset to any team. The character has a reincarnation ability which helps you come back to life after getting killed in the game. You can also steal your opponents’ life by using Vampire Aura. The asset severely weakens your opponents before you finish them off using Wraith Fire Blast or Mortal Strike. In the right hands, Wrath King can be a useful asset to any team




Among the 119 characters in Dota 2, Meepo is among the most underrated characters. Many people avoid using the hero because of the lack of powerful strikes or strong defense. However, a poor defense is easily replaced by a strong offense. Meepo possesses a unique ability that enables him to create clones that help him fight. Furthermore, the gold or experience collected by the clones adds to the experience level of the hero. You can easily increase your experience level rapidly by using this hero. Furthermore, Meepo’s teleporting skills allow you to travel throughout the battleground in a flash. You can execute guerilla tactics using Meepo and cause significant damage to your opponents.




Clockwerk is among the easiest heroes that you can use for your games. You enjoy using the character because it’s among the strongest heroes that you can easily control. You get exceptional agility and strength from the character. Clockwerk provides you with unique skills and tools such as Disables and Nukes. Power Cog allows you to deal heavy damage to your opponents. You can also assess the battleground using Rocket Flare and choose where to attack.




If you enjoy a bloodbath during battles, this the best hero that you can use. Bloodseeker has unique talents that make it fun to play. The character gains health from the wounds of his enemies. You also attack faster when your target bleeds. You can use Blood Bath to trap opponents around you and finish them off. Furthermore, Blood Rage provides exceptional damage to opponents, especially after a target is locked. You can gain a lot of MMR using the character in your matches.




His unique gifts make him a wonderful player on the battlefield. If you enjoy team play, this is the best character that you can use. You can teleport your teammates from danger using Dark Rift. Atrophy Aura also helps you provide healing to damage caused. Using the character could help you last longer in a match.


Overall, the heroes in Dota 2 have unique gifts and attributes that contribute to winning a match. Selecting a certain hero does not automatically translate to a win for your team. You must learn how to use your preferred character if you wish to improve your chances of success.