The Battle for the Abyss; Everything You Need to Know


It is also called Murder Bridge as it's been lovingly dubbed. It features two teams of five champions battling along a single lane without neutral territory. The play begins in Level 3, without substantial starting gold, launching the action immediately into large pitched battle, drawn out team fights, instant kills and narrow escapes.

It is also a map located into the Freeload featuring the ARAM, a game mode acronym that stands for "All Random All Mid".  Each game on both teams typical compose of 5 versus 5. They will be given a random champion based on their capability pool. The map itself is composed of a single lane for all of the players to fight with one another in a fast-paced, heavy game mode.


The only single lane battle field available inv League of Legends, the Howling abyss features two bases arranged at either end of a bridge. This is defended by two turrets, while the nexus is protected by a pair of turrets. There would no territory to distract from this task. This has the most frequent and intense fight in the game mode.


  • No healing or shopping. Its platform provides no healing and purchasing is highly limited. Champions can only purchase following in the wakes of death one died in the battlefield. The recall spell was also disabled.
  • Health Relics. You will find this across the bridge at even intervals. Once you consumed this it will cause your champion to regenerate faster for a short period of time.
  • Inhibitor. Only one lane to conquer, your team can break your success in the game. Once you move down, the attacking team will start spawning two super minions per wave.

The game mode itself has a number of unique features. It randomly chooses a champion for you however it can be swapped for another random champion upon gathering enough points for a reroll, it is a random selection of champion. Other benefits aren't quite as immediate because ARAM provides players with the opportunity to broaden their champion like never before.

Perhaps, they offer a great understanding for each champions mechanics, weakness and strengths. It also affords players the cancel to focus on the fundamentals without worrying about the incredibly long list of the gameplay elements. On the other hand, this game Howling Abyss isn't designed to support the ranked game nor will it ever it in addition.