Techniques to Have Successful Game in Destiny 2

Do you want to dominate in your Destiny 2 gameplay? Then, you must learn to apply patience and essential techniques to win your game. The following are some of the best techniques and tricks to improve your play.

Use Your X Axis

Destiny 2 is a game for shooters. It utilizes vertical sightline and horizontal ones. With that, you must know how to take advantage of the game. You can use mobility options such as flight, sustained hovers, and triple jumps.

You can possibly lose trades if the enemy is on the ground. Fortunately, you can use essential techniques like scouting, repositioning, and pre-engagement shots on distant enemies. You can also hover above doors with shotgun or fusion rifle.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

As you start playing Destiny 2, you must wisely choose your battles. You must not fear to run away. Take note that the game is about redeploying, repositioning, and surviving. You can allow Guardians to burn themselves than throwing yourself to hit kill.

You Must Not Be Selfish

Destiny 2’s scoring system rewards players for kills and assists equally. You must play as a team to beat the team of the enemy instead of your personal glory. It is also helpful to be flexible. You can swap into a Scout Rifle to chip damage off before it swoops in. You must be cooperative, adaptive, and play smart to improve your stats in the game.

Respect Choke Points

Destiny2 comes with different flanking and engagement angles. Never get into an encounter on 2 scout rifles. Most battles come with central choke points that can be a focus on most engagements. You can be frustrated if you get stuck in the middle of the meat-grinder.

Sometimes, going down in a specific area is better and allow your enemies to break themselves on you in waves as you pick and fortify them off. If you know that your enemy can approach from 2 or 3 avenues only, you can easily defend it compared to predicting radar swoop from 6 angles. So, you must play smarter and look into the movement tracker most of the time.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Sprint

You can see more leg armor items because the game expands its exotic pool. Although it has amazing functions, you must be careful about sprinting to gunfights. Thus, you can possibly lose the game.