Secrets of Getting Ahead on League of Legends

In League of Legends, playing alone is not enough to get ahead in the battle. You won’t be competing with yourself or the system, but you have to beat the other characters who, also like you, want to be on the top. Here, you should get along with other skilled players, so, without proper skills and understanding of how this game works, you’ll find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the trickiest parts of the game. Before jumping in to the real world of LoL, here are some guidelines to bring with you!

Purchase control and pink wards

Most players want to find an easy way to achieve things in the game whether that might be leveling up or upgrading their skills. And this one is one of the straightforward yet neglected solutions at times. Purchasing control will help you visualize the location and movements of your enemy. In that way, you can quickly find the best area to position yourself to stay alive until the game end. Totem wards are crucial to gain advantage over your opponents.

Stay on your objectives

Since LoL is a game for teams, make sure that you communicate with your co-players. Use each other’s skills and strengths to work efficiently and beat your opponents. Tell them your plans, and if you have suggested that can help your group, don’t hesitate to teach that strategy.

Accumulate gold or other items

Some players underestimate this strategy. But take note that accumulating golds and other items will help you when you don’t have anything to rely on. Earning gold bonus will boost your resources and once you are equipped with valuable items in the quest, you have something to turn to when needed.

Choose a champion and master its mechanisms

With over 140 characters to choose from, you don’t have to use all of them actually. You only need to select one or two that you can regularly use and learn how it works. Focus on how to boost it or how to make it better. Find out several ways to adjust its skills and make sure to discover its weakness and strengths. In that way, you’ll know when it’s time to attack and when to move with caution.

Learn new tricks from others.

Although you think that you are the best player in the team, keep in mind that you can also learn some strategies if you keep an eye on other players. One of the best ways to learn is to watch Twitch streams. Comprehend the tricks that you may find helpful and try to apply when it’s your time to battle.

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