Rocket League: Tips for New Players

Rocket League became famous because of the RLCS or the Rocket League Championship Series. It is one of the great games that most people want to play. It offers games that are addictive, fast-paced, and short. All the beginners will surely get obsessed with the beats, and they will make their gaming better. This game promotes to have socialization with other people. It helps the mental health of the players through decision making. However, some new players may think that it is a hard game, but along the gaming, they will notice that they have enjoyed it.

Here, are some of the tips that will help new players or even you:

•    Customize your camera setting

Before going on the arena, it is a must to take your time in practice mode. It will not just help you to get familiar with the different mechanics of the game, but also it can help you to set up better your camera. The camera’s distance can be changed from the car, including the view on the field, the camera’s angle, and so forth. These are all important things that players must consider as it will affect their vision on the game. The more players can see it, the more they can play better.

•    Learn how to rotate

The new players must pay special attention to their position. All the members of the team must rotate properly, whether playing 4v4, 3v3, or 2v2. The goal of the team must not be unattended. If one player tries to push up to the offense, then there should be one player who will remain on the back for the defense. This is common to 2v2, yet all players must adapt it to ensure that they have the player who will protect their goal.

•     Save your precious boost

Boost is one of the essential resources in the Rocket League. Even you notice that it can instantly generate. Usually, there are times that you do not need any boost to use. Then it will make you struggle to defend and get back your goal. It is a must to save the boost rather than always using it. Remember to keep your boost because you don’t know when you will use it. Getting prepared in every situation is the best thing to do in achieving your goal.

Do not use a boost at all time; instead, you can use the lunge forward. You need to hold your joystick forward as well as double press your jump button. This way you can get your top speed that is just like on your boost. 

Learn how to find ways and to effectively use the different items on the game in every situation that you are in during the game.

One of the best strategies that new players can do is to steal the boost of their opponents. They can do that as long as they do not break their rotation.

These tips will surely help the new players, and if you are one of them, do not hesitate to ask the professionals. They can help you to make progress or even to be a pro.