Rocket League: New Teams and Fan Rewards

Developed and published by Psyonic, Rocket League is a popular vehicular soccer video game. First released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows, Rocket League provided ports for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. A year after, 505 Games started distributing RL’s physical retail version for XboxOne and PlayStation 4. In 2016, ports were made for Linux and macOS personal computers. But the game’s online features will no longer work with these platforms this March 2020.

The newest update for Rocket League surprised millions of players in the 1.73 version. Perhaps, you have heard it recently. But how does it work? What makes it different from other recent updates? Why should you take advantage of the update? Good questions, and you have come to the right place! Read on for more information!

Esports Shop Features New Items

With the Rocket League version 1.73, the Esports Shop features unique and incredible items you should take advantage of. Whether you’re paying the RLCS Season 9 or want to level up your experience, the new items from reliable Esports Shop will be of great help. Please feel free to visit them for further details. Make sure to share what you’ve learned to your friends, too.

A Variety of New Teams

More than the surprising items, RL version 1.73 provides new teams. The eUnited and Pittsburgh Knights have been gaining immense popularity since the launch. The good news is that there are teams you should know. These include Veloce Esports and Team Reciprocity. So, what’s your choice? Whether you pick Pittsburgh Knights or Veloce Esports, it’s fun to bring up your gameplay.

Quality Items for Different Teams

The primary mission in playing Rocket League is to hit a ball into an opponent’s goal and score points. As your scores increase, you can unlock rewards to improve your performance. But there are freebies. In fact, every team in the Esports Shop can enjoy Octane Decal, ARMR Wheels, Dominus Decal, Bionic Wheels, Player Banner, Patriarch Wheels, and more.

Fan Rewards

Fan Rewards are the other things to expect from Rocket League version 1.73. But it will only be available during the Rocket League Esports. So, take action to grab the chance.

Bug Fixes

Tired of the Painted Lightspeed Trails? Or disappointed with the process of buying Rocket Pass Tiers? Whatever the case may be, the RL’s latest version fixed them all. The Painted Lightspeed Trails are more aesthetic. Plus, the Pro Tier Thumbnail won’t have any glitch.

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