Rocket League is Free to Play Now!

One of the most popular Steam games of all time is now free to play. As of September 23, Rocket League no longer costs $19.99. Instead, the vehicular soccer game moves to the Epic Games Store due to their recent acquisition of developers Psyonix. There are millions of current players online right now, but the free-to-play move is sure to increase the count very quickly. In regards to the imminent changes, old and new players do have a few questions.


Does the core gameplay remain intact? Yes, it does, according to Psyonix. In their original statement on their website, Psyonix says the Epic Game Stores version of Rocket League is practically identical to versions on other platforms. There is also cross-platform play with users of the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, in addition to future updates and features. In particular, Switch and Playstation owners no longer require paid online service to run Rocket League. However, Xbox players still need to use Xbox Live. The Steam version is also no longer downloadable for new players. Those who already own the game are always free to play it from their library.


There are also perks for original Rocket League players. Before the free-to-play announcement, the base game cost $19.99 with numerous DLC packs. As a thank-you gift from the developers, those who bought the game at full price are eligible for bonus content. It ensures compensation in the form of free DLC and cosmetic changes. The legacy items are as follows:


  • All downloadable content for Rocket League
  • “Est. 20XX” - a title which displays the debut year of the player
  • 200+ Common items upgraded to Legacy standard
  • Golden Cosmos Boost, which gives a bright visual effect
  • Dieci-Oro Wheels, which offers a superior shine
  • Huntress Player Banner, which is a new car paint


Psyonix continues to receive critical praise for its decision to make Rocket League playable free of charge. Since the games launch in 2015, 75 million players have taken to the soccer field to score goals with their vehicle choice. The free-to-play announcement only serves to entice newer players into Rocket League. It remains one of the most popular E-Sports titles, and Psyonix even hosts a Championship series.


Veteran players did notice a change in UI after the announcement, however. Corey Davis, co-studio head of Rocket League, did address these issues, as he states he wants a more intuitive approach for newer players. Davis wants Rocket League to be widely accessible.




Rocket League is free to play as of September 23, around 8 a.m. PDT. Patch notes are already live, and developers currently look into optimization issues daily. An entirely new set of items are also available as of this moment. Expect servers to be slower as a new influx of fans try out the game for their very first time. Nonetheless, Psyonix ensures players old and new have an enjoyably fun experience. The competitive season is already underway, so go out there and play.