Rocket League and it's Ranking System

If you are one of those competitive players, you are perhaps familiar with Rocket League and its ranking system. Rocket League pertains to a fantastical and popular sport-based video game, developed exclusively by Psyonix. This game features a highly competitive game mode that is essentially based on outmaneuvering opponents and teamwork.

In this game, players work closely with their team to be able to advance the ball down and score goals in the net of their opponents. This is such a technical game involving fast-paced gameplay and high-level dexterity while some of the well-known elements of Rocket League, such as familiarity with the traditional sports soccer and its accessibility, the best player has fine-tuned and advanced their mechanics.

Rocket League Ranking System-How Does it Really Works?

It does not really matter if you are a 10-series diamond veteran, or you are a rookie aiming to hit the bronze. If you actually play on a regular basis, you  will always be targeting the next rank. Therefore, you can rub this on the victory play screen.

The ranking system of Rocket League will ask you to complete the ten placement matches before the game decides on where you will sit in the tier table. You need to strive harder and should be making your way through them in order to get your ability estimation. Though it might be underwhelming, you are on the table at least, and you can now get started progressing in ranked matches through the tiers.

The rank system goes like this:

  • Unranked
  • Bronze (1-3)
  • Silver (1-3)
  • Gold (1-3)
  • Platinum (1-3)
  • Diamond (1-3)
  • Cham pion (1-3)
  • Grand Champion

It can somehow be a sheer climb, particularly if you approach the top of the table. However, it’s definitely feasible to rank up if you are playing a few nights every week consistently quickly.

Helpful Tips to Rank Up in the Rocket League Game

There are actually many tips that can help you rank up in this game. These tips include but not limited to, the following:

  • You must play to your ultimate strength. You better fixate on a playlist that perfectly suits you.
  • If you are in a team, you need to work together. Communication is vital here.
  • Choose the map that you are definitely good at. Prior to every game, you need to choose your exact map preferences
  • You need to clearly figure out how to maneuver yourself and play.

Remember these helpful tips if you really want to achieve higher ranks.   

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