RL - Why Is Rocket League so Fun?

Rocket League is a unique take on soccer. It uses rocket fueled vehicles instead of people which you use to score the ball in your opponent’s net. The entertaining game can be played solo or with a team. Rocket League is action packed and so addictive to play, it’s no wonder fans spend hours competing in match after match!

Wild Competition

If you love fierce competition, then Rocket League is a game right up that alley. As you try to get the soccer ball in the other team’s goal, you have to dodge explosions, hard hits, and crazy play from the other side. It’s not so easy to get that ball in the net, but it’s fun to try. The competition is tough as you move from one match to another, and that makes you even more determined to play to win.

Playing Options

Whether you want to play online or with your friend on the couch, this game has it all. Most games have the online option to play with other fellow gamers around the world, but not a local option. With Rocket League, you can invite your pals over for a match that you can play using split-screen. You can play with up to four people using this version which only adds to the excitement.

No Confusion

A lot of games out in the market today comes with a steep learning curve, but not with Rocket League. The goal of getting the ball in the net is simple, so anyone can pick up on it. Of course, there are tons of ways to try and score a goal, and it is amazing to figure out. The constant learning of ball tricks and driving stunts leaves you wanting more every time.

Perfect Timing

Each soccer match is only five minutes which makes it perfect for fast and furious gaming. It is just the right amount of time to have fun, score a goal or two, and move on to the next match. You don’t have to play for hours to achieve a milestone, but you never feel rushed either. What more can you ask for?

Rocket League is an awesome game for both young and old. It is the perfect combination of flash and game play that a lot of us look for. Once you pick up your remote and play a match, you are guaranteed to be hooked!