RL - Why Are Crates Being Removed from Rocket League?

Rocket League is a pretty fun game to play. The vehicular soccer game is something the gaming world needed for a long time. When it was first released, there was so much to learn and discover when playing the different matches. One of the favorite bonuses of the game has been the use of crates or loot boxes. However, the crates are saying goodbye this year, and that left some gamers raising their brows.

Crates Are the Rage

The crates that Rocket League has used has overwhelmingly been welcomed by gamers. A lot of other games have used these crates, or loot boxes, to add an element to the game that increases your motivation and determination to win a match or level. Rocket League used these crates to give the players items and bonuses they may need to advance easier in the game. They are obtained using keys and have many variations of them.

A New Option

Now that crates are exiting stage left, Rocket League’s creators know they need to replace them with something else. They are soon going to introduce a blueprint option that you can acquire when you are done with a match. The blueprints give you a layout as to what can be created if you decide to purchase it. The items that are on the print are all useful for gameplay. Some of the bonus items are rarer than others, so there is an added element of excitement if you find one.

In order to buy the blueprints, you are going to need credits which is going to be the new currency going forward in Rocket League. Keys are going to be converted into these credits when the update is complete. The transition is meant to be seamless for the players and shouldn’t affect gameplay at all. There are going to be special blueprints for purchase too, that you can buy for a slightly higher price. These limited-edition prints are only available for a short time, so if you find one you are going to have to act fast.

By using blueprints, Rocket League’s creators believe they are going to give their users the experience they deserve. With crates disappearing, there are no more guessing games when getting special supplies and items. You know what you are getting before using your credits, so you can make your purchases without fear of the unknown. All signs point to this change being a good thing for all.