Reasons Why You Don’t Have Better Performance of Playing League of Legends

In playing LoL or League of Legends, there is no perfect player – even those who are professionals with higher ranks are not perfect. Every player possesses unique weaknesses and strengths, and all of us have our strength and weaknesses that others don’t have. Not all things can come to you naturally. And you can reach better improvement through long patience, education, dedication, and hard work.

When you have one thing that makes it hard for you to manage, trying, and learning how to fix the problem will help you to be the better version of the League of Legend’s player. Ranked Plays will need lots of focus, self-discipline, and a little amount of luck for you to climb and win the game. Thus, fixing your faced doubts and issues will give you the advantages of winning the entire game.

In this article, we will give you the reasons why you don’t have better performance of playing League of Legends. All the reasons that we will provide to you might not affect al the players varying upon their skill level and rankings. However, we know that after reading this article, you will gain some ideas that will help you to be a better League of Legends player.

You Continue Playing While Tilted

I know that most of you already experienced the feeling of “just one more game.” And you can’t deny the truth that almost all of your previous matches give you a losing result. When you are already tilted, the essential tip of playing the League of Legends game is not to play when you are tilted.

You can’t underestimate your consistency experiences of playing the League of Legends. Your opposing players will tell you if you are inconsistently playing the entire game. And a smart opponent, they will take advantage of you while you are playing tilted. And in some words, when you are frustrated or tilted about the game, you can’t play the game and overthrow your enemies. Even though you were declared as the winner occasionally, it is not always a better idea to lose the LP.

You Don’t Do warm-Ups before Playing the Ranked Match

Do you ever been experienced playing some sports events, such as basketball? Before participating inside the game, all the players of the two opposing groups tend to perform some warm-ups like basic drills, such as shooting and dribbling. By doing this, it will help you to make your brain muscles more active. And similar to playing League of Legends, warming up before you play is very helpful for you to win the game.

You Don’t Do Your Research

In terms of increasing your ranks, you can’t get the highest rank if you did not perform some research. Your experience is the best part of increasing your ranks. The more you are experienced, the higher the chances for you to have higher ranks. If you did not conduct any research before you play, it might give you negative results in terms of climbing.