Reaper: Death Always Follow You

Every computer game has its own characters that possess its unique characteristics, abilities, and skills. All of these help in order to achieve victory at the end of each game. Also, there are characters that, aside from their combat skills, are also known for unique physicality inspired by supernatural beings. One example of this is the Reaper, which is known as one of the most useful and exciting characters to use in playing Overwatch. Given this, we are going to provide you with brief details about Reaper, his abilities, combat skills, and other else.

Who is Reaper?

The real name behind this character is Gabriel Reyes, who is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. This character is known for how it fatally damages the enemies and other characters in a game. It is best used for protection as the other allies are working hard to finish a game finally.

Moving on, let us proceed to his abilities, which you can consider for you to use him as your character.


  • Reaping

This is his most useful ability wherein he took the health of his enemies while giving them fatal damages. Once reaped by the Reaper, there are instances that other characters or the enemies don’t stand a chance to be revived and fight again.

  • Hellfire Shotguns

Another ability that can be done by the Reaper is through his Hellfire Shotguns. These shotguns are twins that can tear an enemy’s body apart in one shot. This is deadly for the characters and needs a player’s proper aiming and shooting skills. Together, victory can be achieved with the Reaper properly.

  • Wraith Form

Aside from tearing the enemies apart or reaping them, the Reaper can also pass through the enemies safely. This is what happens in his ability called Wraith Form, wherein he transforms to a shadow that can pass through the enemies without being damaged. Also, like a shadow, the Reaper does not have the power to use his weapons or to fire at the enemies. All he needs to do is to escape and continue to fire once the time for wraith form is over.

  • Shadow Step

In this ability, the Reaper has the chance to disappear and reappear again in the same location. This is a chance for him to escape incoming shots that are impossible or do not give him any chance to live. This can trick a lot of the enemies and enables the Reaper to prepare for the attacks. This ability can last up to 10 seconds, and it is already enough to be more prepared.

  • Death Blossom

This is his last ability that can be used to achieve victory quickly and effortlessly. Here, the Reaper makes use of his Hellfire Shotguns, which he shots at the same time and produces more damage to the other team. This is called the death blossom, for the impact of shotguns has large vicinity.  It can also refer to a bombing activity that will provide you with a higher number of hit people.

The Reaper is indeed a great character to use, and all of these mentioned facts about him are only a little portion. Using this character will always rely on your decision, and if you have decided to choose this character, then you are not wrong.