R6 - Rainbow Six Siege: What is DDosing?

R6 - Rainbow Six Siege: What is DDosing?

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter game with a huge online following. Unfortunately, as of late, the online gaming community has fallen victim to an attack that can affect game play and how an individual’s system runs while they play. This online assault, called DDoSing, has now gotten the attention of Rainbow Six Siege’s creators. It is a worldwide issue that needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

What Is DDosing?

DDoSing, or distributed denial of service, is a huge problem in Rainbow Six Siege. The game, which is played entirely online, makes it the perfect candidate for it. It happens when there is a vicious attack intended to interrupt the traffic of a large network of servers. It floods that system with Internet traffic. That stops or slows down service for the players who are wanting to access the server as intended.

At times, it can cause a complete crash of the system, and no one can play. This does happen on a daily basis, but you see a huge a peak of DDoS attacks when a game is first released. Gamers know to expect it, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Taking Action

Rainbow Six Siege players often know when they fall victim to DDosing. It is near impossible to achieve goals because of these attacks, and there are significant glitches while playing. So, what is being done to stop these malicious server attacks?

The maker of the game, Ubisoft, has constructed a team to address this issue. They plan on taking legal action against anyone who attempts this. Ubisoft has already started sending out cease and desist letters to any websites or people who use the DDoS service. If they continue to do so, they plan to sue.

In addition, Ubisoft has also started tweaking the game where they can. They have pulled back on how many matches are allowed on each of their servers and hope this is going to help slow the attacks.

Moving Forward

Ubisoft knows that they have to stop DDoSing before it takes over their servers and their fans walk away from the game. In the near future they plan on issuing bans to anyone who they identify as a DDoSing offender.

The goal is to get back to how the game was meant to be played. Ubisoft hopes to make an example of these repeat offenders to hinder anyone else from trying to needlessly attack their system and servers.